DLB Solutions

Important!! This blog is in its infancy. Some of my observations will need clarification, and I expect there will be many comments that will make me attend to mistakes!

This blog contains a mix of UK, American and Canadian spelling, or to put it another way – there are guaranteed spelling mistakes irrespective of the domicile of the reader.

This blog addresses issues related to the analysis and design of information systems. Contact details and further information can be found on the DLB Solutions website

Since DLB Solutions is a small company we needed a simpler approach to modelling and documentation than is traditionally used in large organizations. To this end we created the Control Area Analysis & Design (CAAD) method. It became an imperative to have a very tight and controlled process since ambiguity = cockup and as a consequence the client is less inclined to part with the green folding stuff that we so much desire.

The pages on this blog contain information about CAAD as well as some of the issues related to various analysis and modelling techniques.


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